How To Crush Negative Thinking, Get Absolute Clarity On Your Purpose, And Build Unshakeable Self-Belief In Just 90 Days

(With A Simple Step-By-Step Roadmap In Just 15 Minutes A Day)

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“My mindset has never been stronger; I’ve stopped worrying about things, I’m less distracted, more focused and I’m in charge of my days.

I finally feel like I’m becoming who I want to be, which has been transformative, not just for me (and my self-belief) but also my family.”

James Paton

Where Are You Right Now?

Take a moment and answer these 5 questions (Be Honest With Yourself):

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Q1: How well do you know the beliefs which are currently holding you back?
1 = You have no idea.
5 = You know exactly the thoughts which limit you and how they affect everything you think, feel and do.

Zero-Risk, For Any Reason, LIFETIME Refund Guarantee

Go through the entire Tier 1 Accelerator and put the strategies through their paces and test them out. If at any time you feel Tier 1 has not been helpful to you — we will cheerfully refund your money within 24 hours. No strings attached, and no hard feelings, either.

No we aren’t joking. Yes this is real!

We are 100% confident the Tier 1 Accelerator will get you life-changing results.

When you sign up one of two things is going to happen:

1. You join and it’s absolutely life changing (which will be worth 10x what you’ve paid).


2. It doesn’t work and you get your money back within 24hrs.

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What Do People Say?

"I'm a self-employed personal chef and I was struggling to find the balance between running my own business and family life with my wife and 18 month old daughter. I was trying to drive forwards but was struggling with long term focus and procrastination.

Since Tier 1 it’s been a new lease of life in terms of positivity and ability to reframe all sorts of situations that I previously let get on top of me. My partner says that she hasn't really known me to be so peaceful. I'd say this to anyone: If you think you need to make a change, then you do need to make a change. Thanks to Tier 1 I’m excited about the journey that I’m on."

"Tier 1 mindset coaching has turned a really challenging time into an interesting, inspiring and transformative adventure. Before the coaching, I wasn’t really sure what mindset was, or if it was something that people like me did, it has had a huge impact.

I feel like I’m living, rather than just existing. I’m much less stressed, more confident and much happier. My family has noticed the change, and I can really feel the difference. Sometimes the results have surprised me, and I’ve realised I can do a lot more than I thought I could.ase of life in terms of positivity and ability to reframe all sorts of situations that I previously let get on top of me."

"I worked with Simon recently through Tier 1 coaching. I had reached out to him as I'd become so focused on a 24 hour a day connection to work that it had begun to impact my home life. I wasn't sure if it would work but I threw myself into the process as I knew I needed to break the cycle I'd found myself in. Over the duration of the course my outlook changed radically. I regained perspective and was altogether more calm and confident about the challenges I faced. And this isn't just me reporting success, my colleagues and family also noticed a significant shift in my outlook and behaviours. If you're looking for a no-nonsense and transformational coaching input then give TNE a call."

"I’ve tried lots of different things in the past but never had the lasting results I wanted before now. Tier 1 is based upon proven principles which don’t take up much time each day but make a huge difference. Following them has enabled me to finally feel like “me” and it’s been the best investment I’ve made in myself. I’ve significantly reduced my stress, I worry less and I feel more confident. All of this has had a positive impact on my work, my health and how I show up at home. Going forward I feel like I’ve built a really strong foundation to live life on my terms."

"I went through a bit of a bad time in terms of just feeling low. And I’ve always suffered a little bit from imposter syndrome, and I just decided I needed to sort of get my act together and work out what I wanted from my life.

Tier 1 has given me a roadmap to change the way I think about things. I'm a lot happier in myself. I'm happy in my own skin and my family are certainly a lot happier with me because I'm not shouting all the time and being grumpy. Relationship-wise, they've got their dad back and my wife's got her husband back.

Overall it's enabled me to be a much more rounded and happier person."

"I’ve found myself quite overwhelmed by not having the enforced structure of my old city job and it actually led to times where I just wouldn't do anything. Procrastination was a huge problem. I knew there was something I needed to do, but I just wasn't doing it.

Tier 1 brought together a lot of concepts in a very accessible way that makes sense. The material really resonated, and it just seems to work. I find following the structure leaves me feeling much more calm and focused - with more purpose in life and less distraction. The combination of all these factors makes Tier 1 stand out, and it's a system which, for me, has definitely been worthwhile and effective."

"I felt like my professional and personal growth had plateaued during lockdown and I needed to shake off a sense of complacency that had crept into my life. Tier 1 delivered this and much more. I started to truly tap into what inspires, drives, and motivates me. This gave me clarity on what outcomes I wanted to achieve and how I want my life to look. Once that was clear it was easy to eliminate distractions and commit to disciplined actions that drove me towards my goals.

The habits I formed have remained firmly with me, and are now part of my everyday identity. I’m excelling professionally, have more energy, better focus and am more productive. As a bonus, my overall health has improved because I’m smarter and more effective with how I allocate my time and energy.

The research and knowledge behind the program is extensive, but equally important was the care and willingness shown by the TNE team to see me succeed. I would recommend TNE and their Tier 1 coaching to anyone looking to fulfil their potential and make the most of life!"


What makes Tier 1 different from other programmes?

There are NO other programmes like this.

You cannot get to where you want to be, or more importantly, become WHO you want to be, without creating a serving mindset. This is the common theme among top performers, they don’t have to force progress, it comes naturally because their beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions are all aligned. But they form the minority, the 5-10%.

Most people fail to become their ideal self because they’re told they just need more discipline, or to try harder. But this is not true. It’s your mindset that is always the lynchpin which either moves you forwards OR holds you back.

The Tier 1 Accelerator will take you through a simple step by step process to reprogram your mindset at the deepest level to make sure you create the life you really want, and become the person you really want to be.

What happens on the phone call?

This is a friendly, informal chat to establish where you are right now and what your goals are. If we believe this programme can help you then we will offer you a place. If we don’t think that it’s quite right we will recommend other options if we can.

How is the course delivered?

Tier 1 is an online course delivered in a step-by-step roadmap, and combined with access to coaches and a community for support and accountability

Do I need any special resources?


What if I don't like the programme?

Here’s our promise to you: A No-Nonsense, Better-than-100%, Use-it-for-your-Entire-Life Guarantee. Go through the entire course and put the strategies through their paces and test them out. If at any time you feel the strategies and information have not been helpful to you — we will cheerfully refund your money within 24 hours. No strings attached, and no hard feelings, either. All we ask is that you promise to use the information. That's it. I don’t think we can be any more fair than that.

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