A 90 Day Step-By-Step System To Remove Limitations, Build Unshakeable Confidence & Live Up To Your Potential

The Proven Kickstart For Creating Success In Every Single Area Of Your Life

  • Take control over your outlook and attitude
  • Eliminate self-doubt & discover clear purpose
  • Develop laser focus and unstoppable productivity
  • Feel happy, relaxed, and in charge of your life
  • Unlock true mental toughness & self-reliance
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Tier 1 Mindset Coaching is a 90 day accelerator filled with the knowledge, accountability, and systematic support to keep you taking action and achieving life-changing results.


What makes Tier 1 different from other programmes?

There are NO other programmes like this.

Mindset ‘fitness’ is no different from physical fitness.

It is a skill and must be practised like a skill BUT very few people do this.

Just like physical training, having a plan and executing it effectively is the only way to get results. Reading about the power of positive thinking, doing a bit of meditation, or trying to talk over your negative thoughts is not going to work.

You need a structured and systematic approach where you consistently put in the sets and the reps. That is what the Tier 1 Mindset Course is. A step-by-step plan with structure and accountability to make sure that a strong, serving mindset will become a defining trait of your character.

This allows you to take control over your outlook and attitude regardless of external circumstances, or other people, and to remain calm and composed under pressure because you trust in your capabilities and are confident in your ability to overcome and succeed.

But most importantly it allows you to live an authentic, happy and fulfilling life.

What happens on the phone call?

This is a friendly, informal chat to establish where you are right now and what your goals are. If we believe this programme can help you then we will offer you a place. If we don’t think that it’s quite right we will recommend other options if we can.

How is the course delivered?

Tier 1 is an online course delivered in a step-by-step roadmap, and combined with access to coaches and a community for support and accountability

Do I need any special resources?


What if I don't like the programme?

Here’s our promise to you: A No-Nonsense, Better-than-100%, Use-it-for-your-Entire-Life Guarantee. Go through the entire course and put the strategies through their paces and test them out. If at any time you feel the strategies and information have not been helpful to you — we will cheerfully refund your money within 24 hours. No strings attached, and no hard feelings, either. All we ask is that you promise to use the information. That's it. I don’t think we can be any more fair than that.