Eliminate Stress, Build Mental Resilience & Dramatically Increase Your Energy Levels With Less Than 30 Mins Of Simple Actions Anyone Can Follow In Just 30 Days


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Is Your Life Slipping By On Autopilot?

Do you ever feel like this…

"I need to get my motivation and focus back as well as my own sense of self-identity"

"I can’t seem to stop worrying"

"I’m frustrated that I seem to be working against myself all the time"

"I feel as though I am running from the moment I wake up, to the moment I crash"

"I want to find energy and stop drifting through days in monochrome"

"I need to shake myself out of the rut of tiredness, lack of motivation, weight gain and not getting the best out of each day"

"Life is slipping by on autopilot"

If you do then you are not alone...

All of these statements are taken from the 20-30 messages I receive every single day from people just like you.

Plus I was once one of those people in that rut with life slipping by...

“Is this it, how my life is now?”

My name is Simon Jeffries and on a cold winter's day in December 2016 I was sitting alone in an empty office.

It was 7am and I’d come in early again to try and get ahead of the curve... but for the previous hour I’d just been sitting there.

My head was full of racing thoughts of everything that I needed to get done, but zero enthusiasm or energy to do any of it.

I felt like a shadow of my former self!

As I sat there… I couldn’t help but wonder…

How did this happen... to ME?

Like many of you… I prided myself on being confident and in control.

I had always got the job done no matter what.

I’d spent 8 years in the military, first as a Royal Marines Commando, before serving in UK Special Forces.

Performing at the top of my game, working in high pressure hostile environments, and thriving on the challenge it presented.

And only 6 months earlier… I left the military and landed a great job in a London based consultancy firm.

I had it made.

At least…

That’s what everyone else thought.

But the ugly truth was… I was struggling.

Chronic stress had crept into my life without me even realising and the negative effects were dragging me further and further into a dark hole.

Maybe you can relate?

Even though everything looked great on paper… it was a dark time in my life.

But then I had the slap in the face we all need from time to time…

A viral email dropped into my inbox, you know the ones where you enter your age and see how long you have left...

That was a BIG wake up call.

6 months ago I was running an Afghan arrest force in what on paper should have been a far more stressful job, and yet I was suffering more getting the tube into work each day.

I was not ‘ME’ anymore and it was the final straw, I wasn’t going to let this current reality define the rest of my life.

That realisation ultimately led me to a BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY that changed my life, and the lives of thousands of my clients, forever.

Imagine how it would feel to finally shake yourself out of that rut, feel energised, focused and in control of your life again.

And what’s more… if you were able to do it WITHOUT the overwhelm of having to make big changes and WITHOUT big time commitments.

"The course provides simple steps/actions to build a more resilient mindset and increase your energy levels - I was amazed at how fast these worked, seeing some improvements in a few days.

All in all I couldn't recommend the programme more!"

"I can’t thank the coaches enough for providing a course that feels personal and worthwhile.

My stress and anxiety levels are now at an all time low and I just feel a sense of relief, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I always knew I could do it, but over the years I lost the sense of accountability and resilience which I once had.

I now have a great morning routine, my health has improved and the course has opened my mind to the challenges I can take on in life to push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s a never ending journey for me now and I’m proud of my new lifestyle."

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee

It’s Time To Eliminate Stress, Unlock Your Inner Potential And Regain Control Of Your Life

Limitless 30/30 is for you if you fall into ANY of the following categories:

Lost your mojo, your sense of identity and looking back at the energy and drive you used to have, wondering where the old ‘you’ has gone.

Feeling constantly busy, but seeing little to no progress in your life, stuck in a slump that you can’t escape from.

Craving a holiday, gasping for time to slow down and get back in control, but the treadmill of life never seems to stop.

Struggling for motivation, unable to follow through with plans to get fit, lose weight or any other goal that seems impossible right now.

Running on empty, waking up exhausted, using coffee to struggle through the day before collapsing with alcohol and junk food to ‘de-stress'.

Snapping at people, losing patience and arguing with co-workers and loved ones, feeling tension the moment you engage with them.

Whatever you’re currently experiencing, you need to know this:

Your life right now doesn’t define you and it’s not the end.

It’s possible to completely turn things around and start feeling amazing inside and out.

But it requires you to take action and be open to doing things differently.

It’s time to start living a life you love in just 30 days.



An exclusive private members area with full access to me and my team for the entire 30 days, no matter what you need help or support with - we're there for you.


A step-by-step roadmap combined with complete accountability, with regular check-ins to make sure you stay on track and achieve fantastic results.


You’ll get my personal, day-by-day, week-by-week routine for unstoppable energy, managing your emotions and waking up feeling EXCITED and full of purpose.


Be surrounded by like-minded, dedicated individuals all on the same journey in a positive, empowering, and all-round awesome community.

“I originally joined up to help my stress levels but it turned out to be so much more.

My sleep is better, I'm able to think more clearly, less distracted, more focused and I've even started to relearn who I am. The amount of help that is given in this programme is incredible and the way it is explained just makes so much sense.”

“Firstly, I need to say how excellent the team is, absolutely first class!

I am a teacher; It is the best job, but you end up taking a lot of emotional stress home as well as being mentally and physically fatigued.

After starting the programme I was more focussed, I am sleeping better and I feel much less stressed, and if I do feel stressed I now feel I have strategies to reduce it."



Set your intentions by understanding what it takes to build actual, real-world resilience with the right physiological and psychological actions. Only with this knowledge will it be possible for you to make progress.

We’ll also start laying the foundations and look at how you can subtly reframe your mindset and create the leverage you need to follow through and actually take the actions that are required to achieve this transformation.


Underlying (and often unseen) stress is a HUGE drain on your energy. Most people try to fix this with diet and exercise but there is an easier and more effective strategy, one that anyone can master.

In Week 1 you will dramatically enhance your energy with simple actions to upregulate your parasympathetic nervous system, and reset your circadian rhythm. Within a few days you’ll be calmer, have greater mental clarity, increased focus, and all-day energy.


Your beliefs, even the ones you are unaware of, strongly affect what you want and whether you succeed in getting it. Resilient people view a difficulty as a challenge, not as a paralysing event.

In Week 2 you will gain the huge sense of freedom that comes as you learn to embrace challenges as an opportunity for growth (no matter what they are), and cultivate a mindset that serves you instead of working against you.


Worry, frustration and anger caused by people, events and circumstances outside of your control leads to feeling lost and powerless to take action.

In Week 3 you will increase feelings of empowerment and confidence by learning the strategies that protect you from distraction, unnecessary stress and meaningless problems. Plus you’ll discover how to identify and focus on the situations and events that increase your time and energy instead of draining them.


In the final week, it’s time to solidify all the foundations that have been laid. It’s time to master your stress response and build unshakeable resilience.

By restoring the hormonal balance which is disrupted by stress, and building a serving mindset, you can make the most of your potential and make the most of life. You will also learn how to place your environment and your actions in line with who you truly are and this alone will give you the ability to smash through the barriers holding you back.

"In 30 days you will be feeling like a different person. Stress, anxiety, low energy, low moods can and will all feel more controllable and your days will be more positive.

I’m sleeping better, happier, more focused, more fun to be around and I’m learning who I am and what I want out of my precious life."

"The last 30 days have been some of the best I have had in a long time thanks to The Natural Edge.

For 6 years I have lived with chronic stress and it has stripped me of my confidence, zest for life, and love of exercise. I became a shadow of myself, content with sitting all day at my desk, constantly eating and focusing on negative situations as opposed to the positives in life. Instead of choosing life and exercise, I would come home, hide away and choose junk food and alcohol. I often looked in the mirror and mourned for the person I used to be and worst of all, I felt old.

I am moving onward now with a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence. Life doesn't just "happen to us"; we have a huge degree of control and choice. For the situations we cannot control, I feel more resilient now to cope with these as they arise.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It has improved my mental and physical health and the techniques can be used and applied by everyone.

There are no gimmicks, no fancy and expensive pills, just you committing to 30 days of your life for an improved future."

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee

Here’s What’s Included With Limitless 30/30:



We are so confident in this programme that we give an unlimited, for any reason, refund guarantee. That means even if you come to us in 12 months time we will give you your money back no questions asked.

And the reason we can do this as a business is because people don’t ask for refunds... because it works!

This is a solid, tested system and when people follow it the results are life changing.

We are able to offer this because of results like this…

"The 30/30 Limitless challenge is truly incredible!

Many years of stress and tension made me look in the mirror and want to make a difference, better myself, and my overall well-being and focus.

There are devoted coaches helping every step of the way at any time. The process is gradual yet results are seen within the first week and they only grow.

Every morning I wake up excited knowing what's ahead is beneficial. My sleep is amazing, my family life is calmer, I feel way more focused in every aspect and stress is no longer ingrained in me."

"It’s based upon proven principles to build habits which don’t take up much time each day but make a huge difference.

Using these has enabled me to finally feel like “me” and it’s been the best investment I’ve made in my health"

“I have just completed the 30/30 challenge... the impact of these simple lifestyle changes have been life changing.

I decided to do the challenge because my work involved a lot of emotional stress and my motivation levels since covid were at zero.

I am more motivated and when I feel an off day happening I have the confidence to know how to turn it around using the tools I have learned from 30/30."

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee

How Long Will You Wait?

A lot of people are looking at this page right now, but they won’t take action.

They read this and think things like “Oh this looks pretty simple, I could just do this myself...”

The thing is though, they won’t.

It’s just a story they keep telling themselves, time and time again.

They don’t have a strategy or plan to follow, instead they’re just getting through each day as it comes...

They don’t have access to world-class resources and support, instead they’re trawling around the internet looking for freebies or soundbites...

They haven’t got enough focus to see things through, because they haven’t fully committed to anything...

They haven’t got any serious form of accountability, someone who can keep them on track...

And they’re not surrounding themselves with the right people who will pull them up, rather than push them down…

And you know what? That’s completely fine.

It’s their choice at the end of the day, you cannot force someone to do something they don’t want to.

We all say things like “Oh, I’m different...” The truth is we’re not.

So my question is, how long will you wait until you make that change?

How many weeks will you have left on your life calendar?

If you’re ready to finally build that resilience that allows you to live stress free, confident and in control of your life then join me, my expert team, and a bunch of amazing people all on the same journey for the next 30 days.

PLUS do it completely risk free!

"30/30 has helped me make simple but effective positive changes in my life, I feel brighter and better and I've got my mojo back.

More importantly I have the tools to cope on those days when things go wrong or I feel low."

"I’ve jumped on and off of various ‘programmes’. Having not had the lasting results I wanted I found the 30/30 challenge.

I’ve reduced my stress significantly, not to zero but I now have a framework to manage any spikes, and my sleep has improved beyond what I honestly thought was possible.

Productivity and my energy levels are more stable throughout the day which is providing me with additional benefits in my work and how I show up at home with my family.

I have simple tools and activities that I can implement that feel like a very strong foundation to build from."

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee

Still Scrolling? Let’s Have A Cold Hard Reality Check…

Right now you are living in a fishbowl, and I would risk a big bet that chronic stress is impacting your life whether you realise it or not.

Let’s back up for a second…

Just like a fish has no idea it’s in a tank, the way you feel on a daily basis is your own reality.

And in our "always-on" culture, being in a perpetual state of stress can start to feel normal.

Do these sound familiar...

Most people believe that "this is just how life is, how everyone is."

That they just lack the willpower and motivation to make the changes they want.

That trying harder and sacrificing more is the answer.

This absolutely, categorically, is NOT TRUE!

Chronic stress is the reason 95% of people are struggling, and most don’t even realise it.

Chronic Stress Disrupts Nearly Every System In Your Body.

Stress, even when you don’t realise it’s there bubbling away under the surface, has a major effect on your primary physiological systems:

"Various factors, for example, hormones, neuroendocrine mediators, peptides, and neurotransmitters are involved in the body's response to stress."
Yaribeygi, Habib et al. “The impact of stress on body function: A review.” EXCLI journal vol. 16 1057-1072. 21 Jul. 2017, doi:10.17179/excli2017-480

It diverts mental energy away from the command-and-control centre of the brain – the seat of your willpower – and activates the more impulsive parts of your brain, called hot-brain circuits.

Plus a prolonged stress response has been shown to deplete the very nutrients you need to create energy.

The problem is that stress is often subtle, undermining your willpower and sapping your energy without you even realising it.

If your stress response gets stuck in the "on" position it will trigger the release of hormones that:

If you do not TAKE CONTROL of your stress response IT WILL CONTROL YOU!

Your nervous system isn’t very good at distinguishing between emotional and physical threats.

Acute Stress is a response to a physical threat you are facing.

This response kept our ancestors safe from dangerous animals or harsh conditions.

It’s short and sharp.

In emergency situations, acute stress can save your life—giving you extra strength to defend yourself, for example, or spurring you to slam on the brakes to avoid a car accident.

In comparison to evolution modern society has come about very quickly, and it is causing our stress response to malfunction.

In today's busy world we are prone to perceiving a low level of threat in everyday situations…

Your body can react just as strongly to these emotional threats as if you’re facing a true life-or-death situation.

And the more your emergency stress system is activated, the easier it becomes to trigger, making it harder to shut off.

Triggering your stress response frequently, like most people in today’s demanding world, causes your body to exist in a heightened state of stress most of the time.

This is Chronic Stress and it causes BIG problems.

"The 30/30 Limitless challenge is a game changer to help deal with stress, promote wellbeing and focus.

The support from the coaches and the community is second to none. It's just brilliant, no jargon, no marketing plugs, down to earth tool for life."

"Before starting the 30/30 I always had a lingering low to mid level anxiety and accompanying tension. I was always pretty tired, despite a seemingly good night’s sleep.

Within just a few days of the 30/30 I had a noticeable reduction in both tension and anxiety.

My energy levels improved, as did my ability to focus and make better decisions. At the end of the course/challenge I now have a very different outlook on what’s possible and how my future might look."

Why 95% Of People Are Stuck And Struggling… Living So Far Below Their Potential

I’m sure you’ve read hundreds of articles and tried dozens of different programmes to live stress free, increase your energy and feel motivated so that you can hit your goals.

But if you’re like most people…

It ALWAYS felt like “something” was missing… even if you didn’t know what that “something” was.

And you’re right.

Thing is…

What you’re doing right now probably isn’t “wrong”... trying to improve your diet, sleep better and workout more.

It’s just incomplete.

You’re missing the key ingredient that separates the truly resilient people from everyone else.

Imagine you’re making a cake…

But you forget to add the baking soda.

So instead of a light, delicious sponge you have a dense, chewy biscuit.

It’s just ONE ingredient, but it makes all the difference.

So What Is This Missing Ingredient That Stops 99% Of People From Living Up To Their Full Potential?

A healthy stress response.

One that functions correctly and allows you to create a baseline of health to feel and perform at your best every single day.

Without this you will constantly struggle.

It will make every further positive change you try to make feel like a battle.

The good news is that ANYONE can fix their stress response and create a strong baseline of health.

You simply need a dual approach of basic physiological and psychological actions.

You need physical actions that work to upregulate your parasympathetic nervous system, combined with creating a serving mindset that keeps you confident and in control.

And that is EXACTLY what the Limitless 30/30 Challenge will do for you.

You even get to try it completely RISK FREE because we are so confident in the results you will get.

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee

"The 30/30 limitless challenge provides the perfect platform to step off from to begin the journey to a new life of achievement and clearer focus."

"30/30 is whatever you put into it - it can be a few small tweaks right through to life changing. I’ve finished the challenge feeling far clearer and calmly in control of my life.

The layout of the course, content, weekly challenges and coaching support provided by TNE are all incredibly high quality - they provide personal advice that’s tailored to everyone and are phenomenally supportive and helpful."


Does This Include Any Diet Or Fitness Training?

No - Limitless 30/30 doesn't include any diet or fitness training.

This is purely about eliminating stress, upgrading your mindset, boosting your energy, managing your emotions and creating purpose in your life.

BUT, completing 30/30 will help you hit goals in ALL areas of your life, including fitness. In fact it is a common piece of feedback that we hear from members. Suddenly they aren’t struggling to exercise and eat better.

How long is this going to take me to do each day?

To complete all tasks and assignments, it’ll take you about 30 minutes a day max, and this can be spread out to fit in with your life, it does not have to be done in one block.

Is access just for the 30 days or forever?

You’ll get unlimited access to me and my team for the entire 30 days we are together.

On top of that, you also get unlimited lifetime access to all the resources, training, recordings and worksheets. You can keep those and use them again whenever you like.

Is this for men and women?

We have an almost 50/50 split of men and women.

This is for anybody who wants to dramatically upgrade their mindset, transform their energy and master their emotions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young, old, male, female, employed, self-employed, business owner or not.

Can I pay in instalments?

No, Limitless 30/30 is a programme that’s designed to be done in 30 days. For this reason, there’s no option for longer term payments.

Plus it’s already a steal at the price considering some people pay me £1000’s to coach them AND we offer an unlimited refund guarantee.

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee

"I signed up for the limitless challenge as I wanted to challenge myself to get out of the rut I was in.

I will be taking this routine forward with me from this day on. It's a routine I can stick with and I enjoy and I can see the benefits. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things and it makes me optimistic that if I put my mind to it I can do anything."

"I signed up for it because I knew I could do better in terms of focusing on the things that I enjoy the most and handling challenging situations with resilience. I was getting side-tracked too easily.

Through this challenge I learned to embrace challenges and to own them and grow with them. I have also learned that you don’t simply have to accept anxiety and lack of sleep but that you can counteract these with a resilient body and mind."

"I've just completed the 30/30 challenge and have been incredibly impressed by the amount of content you receive. My stress levels are markedly improved as well as the quality and duration of my sleep. I would highly recommend the course."

"The 30/30 challenge was all about creating the building blocks to reduce stress and build motivation and energy and this last month I have done that in spades. I feel focused and energised and have built habits that will enable me to move forward in a positive way.

There are no gimmicks, no promises of quick fixes, just sustainable programmes to enable you to be the best version of yourself. This is a holistic approach to health and well-being and a welcome antidote to the majority of offerings within the fitness industry."

"Through the 30/30 program I learned to understand and reduce my stress and anxiety, raised my energy levels, and learned to use new tools to find focus and increase my productivity."

"I had been experiencing high levels of stress at work and at home and it was impacting my relationships with people closest to me. I didn’t realise that the Limitless challenge was exactly what I needed to help me deal with those things in a more positive and constructive way.

The thing I’ve noticed most is how I react to things. I’ve realised the importance of knowing what you can and can’t control but also that it is my conscious choice how I react to something. Many of the stressors remain at work, but I’m finding myself dealing with them better - certainly for myself and therefore for those around me.

I’m really so grateful to the team for this course. And I cannot recommend it enough! It’s not a big time commitment and you’ll find yourself enjoying the daily practices."

"If you give 30/30 a real chance and commit to the program chances are you will start to feel the benefits after a few days just as I did.

It’s given me the drive and motivation to continue to grow physically and mentally which I will be forever grateful for."

"After searching for a longtime for a way to improve my physical and mental well being, what The Natural Edge was offering seemed too good to be true.

I am calmer, feeling more in tune with myself, even smiling more, and can focus on what matters (even at a time when COVID has created so much uncertainty as we sit through a third lockdown). If you are looking to invest in yourself, this is the course for you."

"I found the programme to be well explained, well demonstrated, but above all well supported by the coaches.

By the end of the 30 days my pulse had dropped, my blood O2 levels had improved and my usual ability to take day to day drama in my stride had returned.

The biggest endorsement I can give to the programme is that I will take it forwards. This modest investment in time makes a huge difference to my mood and positive attitude."

"With the stresses of a busy job and just general life stress, I realised I had become unmotivated, had started to get quite a negative mindset and wasn’t being consistent at all with exercise and eating healthily. Basically I’d got stuck in a rut.

Since doing the challenge things have improved massively for me and I’m still sticking with everything I learnt during the challenge and have built it into my daily routine.

The coaches are very knowledgeable, approachable and always on hand with advice. The information and tasks set each week are all manageable and can be done at your own pace and I’m really amazed at how just making a few small changes each day has had such a positive impact for me.

So glad I found the Natural Edge. Get involved, you won’t regret it!"

"I have completed the Limitless 30/30 Challenge and can honestly say it has been a revelatory experience. From being in a predominantly lethargic state - both mentally and physically - at the end of the 30 days I'm in a very different place.

The 30/30 Limitless program was one of the most positive experiences I've ever had. Really has opened up the real possibility of a different, more productive future!"

Join The Limitless 30/30 Challenge! Unlimited For Any Reason Refund Guarantee